Welcome to Casa Vacanze Provenzale

Ideal accommodation for holidays or long stays in Val Pellice,

but if you are in the area, passing through or for the weekend, it is possible to stay overnight even for just a few nights

Our location

We are located in Torre Pellice (516 m above sea level), at the entrance to the valley of the same name, about 60 km from Turin

The residence is located in the historic centre, in a very quiet area

We are at the beginning of the pedestrian precinct, a few steps from shops, bars and restaurants: just step outside to find yourself immersed in the life of Torre Pellice

Despite the central location, it is possible to reach the house by car for loading/unloading luggage, and a large car park is right behind our facility

How the structure is divided

7 flats in total, all with private bathroom, on two floors, with lift

4 studio apartments that can comfortably accommodate two or three people, with a kitchenette

3 single rooms of which 1 with kitchenette

1 small flat with living room, large kitchenette and separate bedroom

The colours on the walls are mostly bright, the furniture is basic but functional and the kitchenettes, with electric hotplates and a small fridge, are equipped with the main kitchen utensils

The name ‘Provenzale’ is not linked to the territory or elements of Provence, but rather corresponds to the name of the person who allowed its birth, to whom it was decided to dedicate it and to whom our gratitude will always be due.

The sunflower, which is part of the House logo, was chosen for its meaning, related to the sun and light, indicating joy, cheerfulness and a smile, the basis of our welcome.

The House is managed by Nuovi Obiettivi s.c.s., a type B social cooperative, which aims to pursue the general interest of the community in the human promotion and social integration of citizens.